Are you planning yours or friend’s baby shower in near future. If yes, I may help you here with some ideas for decoration and games which I did for my Baby shower this spring.

P.S.: Most of the decor pieces are from Hobby Lobby.

Photography and Video by Rishi Dilip Photography

Big Mustaches: Amazon

Small Brown Favor Boxes: Amazon

     Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake

Mustache Cup Cakes: Sam’s Club

Big BABY letter Boxes: Home Depot, packed them inside out and Pasted “BABY” letters.

Firstly Thanks to all our friends who helped in the party decor setup. Thank you for drawing, packing favor boxes, blowing up balloons, going up on the ladder to hang the fluffy decor balls, jumping over one wall to another to put up decor, draping pillars, pickup cake, cupcakes and food for the party and lastly helping us wrapping up everything properly within time. A big thanks to all of you and specially to Chetana and Paaji to come over 2 days before and helping us shopping and giving the idea for this beautiful theme. Thank you Rishi for these amazing clicks and making our hard work look worthwhile. This blog post belongs to you too for your awesome work. I will highly recommend you for my friends’s parties and occasions. t was great fun and I will cherish those memories forever. This event will be my favorite story from my baby’s bed time stories.

This all started when Mr. Husband and I decided to organize our own baby shower. We chose an outdoor location in a nearby park shelter area for this party. The location is beautiful with a deck surrounded by a man-made lake. To make it perfect for our baby shower, I gathered some ideas from Pinterest, past Baby Showers I have attended and made my own theme with assorted ideas. It came out well together and place looks really amazing. It required minimal decoration as the place was already beautiful. The cake table decor was the best idea and it looked amazing. i am sharing some pictures here. Hope you like them.

For games, we thought not to go for typical baby shower games because it will be too typical and then with the bigger crowd it become cumbersome. So you know what we played, Tug of War!! Yupp, the idea was to involve guests and it worked out pretty well. This idea came from one of our friends.

We even got flying disk and our guests enjoyed that to the fullest. The third game was to measure the belly. You know that game where you have to guess the belly size of the Mommie to be and the closest match would win. The day was full of fun and everybody enjoyed the evening. Here are some pictures from the event taken by Rishi and I am adding a video also to this post which will do justice to the location and our beautiful decoration. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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Hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for more posts on my pregnancy. Until then keep it cool and uber stylish.


Mrs Saripalli

Planning a Baby Shower? Decor ideas ft. Rishi Dilip Photography

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