DSC_0353With a hail of thoughts in my mind, I have finally decided to post this receipe. I was reluctant to post it because I think I have got to learn a lot in terms of fitness n healthy food. However, at the same time I was confident about this recipe since I have been baking from quite sometime now. I am in charge of my fitness and I see what to eat and what not. This doesn’t mean I don’t eat junk, I do but not all the time. I try to keep myself healthy and hence started exercising. One should understand, exercise doesn’t mean to eat pizza and soda every day. Exercise does reduce the calories intake but it is equally important to eat clean. That being said, I am sharing this simple recipe with all of you which will treat you with something clean and tasty.

Healthy food doesn’t mean just veggies, fruits or bland food. Cookies can be healthy too. Yes, I said Cookies. This still is a misconception about healthy food that it is bad in taste. But that’s not the case. With so many recipes in the market and good food, you can be healthy even after eating tasty food. One should eat everything perceiving the quantity and quality. This very simple recipe of Cookies is an amazing breakfast to kick start your day or a snack for munching whenever you feel hungry. Here it is step by step:



1 cup Oats (use mixture or grinder to make powder)

2 eggs (you can take just egg whites to avoid fat %)

2 scoops of protein Powder (Chocolate or Vanilla flavor, mine is chocolate because I love it).

2 table spoons of sugar (Stevia/Brown sugar/White Sugar)

1 Table spoon of Baking Cocoa Powder (Optional)

1 Table spoon of unsweetened Dark chocolate (Optional)

Nuts, (Almonds, walnuts and raisins, as per your taste)

Pinch of Baking Powder.

You can also add more topping like (sugar free chocolate chip or M&M).

DSC_0371Step 1: Cookie Dough: Mix all the above Ingredients in a bowl and make it like dough. If it looks like a paste then freeze it for 1 hour until it is hard. (You can keep it back in the refrigerator until it is hard like dough).

Step 2: Bake them:  Take the baking tray from the oven and pre heat the oven on 300 degrees for 5 mins. In the meantime, take the parchment sheet (available in market for baking) and place them in the tray to put cookies on it. Now, take the dough and start placing the cookie dough on the paper inside the tray. You can put more toppings on the cookies or leave them the same way. Once they are placed inside the tray hold them with the over glove and place them inside the oven. Raise the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees or 10 to 15 mins or until they change their color.

Tip: To make them fluffy and soft cook them on high temp (350 to 400). You can also add 2 spoon of coconut oil to make them soft. Coconut oil has good fat in it which is equally important for the body as other vitamins and minerals.keep an eye on the cookies. You don’t want them to burn.

DSC_0376Use gloves to take the tray out and make sure the cookies are not sticking to the paper (it means the cookies are baked).  Cookies are ready to eat and are super healthy. I eat them as breakfast or even as snack.

DSC_0387 (2)Cookie Intake:

For an adult, 2 cookies. Kids: 1 cookie at a time.

Bake them and let me how do you like them. They are tasty and healthy at the same time. Thanks for reading and I will come back with some more interesting posts like this and exercise suggestions. Till then stay healthy and happy.

Recipe Alert: Protein and Oatmeal Cookies!

3 thoughts on “Recipe Alert: Protein and Oatmeal Cookies!

  • August 10, 2016 at 6:30 am

    These cookies looks and sound delish! I don’t bake alot but have always admired people who bake healthy stuff. I will definitely give this a try. Thank you for sharing babe 🙂

    Monika | http://www.palateforstyle.com

    • August 19, 2016 at 3:24 am

      thankyou so much for reading it. it is a must bake . try it and let me know


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