Hello friends, I am back with another post on a unique look today. I haven’t done anything similar in the past. This looks is inspired straight from the college. From my college days, I remember wearing round neck graphic T shirts from Tantra, Delhi with Bell Bottoms denims or baggy pants and shoulder bags. Then the college was all about new friends, canteen, skipping lecture and least about the way you look, at least I felt. But now a days the time has changed in every aspect including how you look in your college. However, this has become one of the essentials in college life. Then, I didn’t have whole closet devoted to me. I had to share the closet space with my sisters and hence less space to keep my clothes. Actually space was never a problem because my living was my pocket money then and new clothes were only limited in form of gift received from friends and relatives or festivals twice a year. I never had any other earning unlike students now who earn for their living by doing several things online. I never imagined I will ever say these lines “I never had any other earning unlike students now who earn for their living by doing several things online” Since I always thought my generation is the latest 😛

This look is dear to my heart because I wore this look to relive my college days in today’s style. I wore Forever21 from Head to Toe in this look. Forever21 is all about casual, chic and young style and hence decided to shop from there. I adore this style and feel this look suits me. I paired this monochrome dress with a denim vest to go casual and added a statement silver necklace. I wore knee high soccer socks with my dress. These shoes are my new buy from Foerver21 and I am loving them because of its detailing.














This surely is an altogether different look from the same attire. I pulled the same dress with my bandage leggings and wore a Tan Fall coat from Forever21 again. This coat is under $50 and pretty comfortable to carry. The highlight of this attire was this black hat. I tried a hat for the first time and certainly loved it. Hope you like my two different looks from using one single dress.

Monochrome Dress: The Dress

Tan Fall Coat: The Coat

Hat, Shoes, Denim Vest and Hat of-course: Everything






Shout out load what all you have to say about my post. More interesting posts are coming up very soon so stay tuned and till then keep it very stylish.

Back to School!!

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