Happy Friday Beautiful people! How are you spending your weekend? My weekend is going to be fantastic because I am sharing my new blog with you all.  My new story on Bohemian fashion. Bohemian applied to people with artistic and unconventional lives and style. Gypsy was the another word for people inspired by this kinda fashion in early 21st century. Now, BOHO is more prevalent. The Bohemian fashion has changed a lot from those ruffle skirts and A-cut shirts to shorts and lot more now. Bohemian style is quirky indeed. You agree. right?


To sail in the boat of Bohemian fashion, I chose to wear a layered top which is short from the front and longer at the back with these denims shorty’s. Boho style is not just how you wear it but its how you carry it. I feel sometimes that I am made for it. I wore my Steve madden shoes which are apt for this attire. I so love the whole concept of BOHO style. It is one kind of style in which you get to wear from minimal to maximum clothes. There is no limit to this style. In other words, BOHEMIAN fashion is unique and limitless. Its all about mix and match and the way one carries it.















I wore a Bohemian silver necklace and a stack of beaded bangles. These accessories are minimal but still able to carry the BOHO theme. I loved the layers of the top at the back side. These layers are a part of the top but gave a layered look.











I pull up my hair and made a bun with a braid for which I am gong to come with tutorials soon. Its easy and carefree to carry this hairstyle.





I tried and kept myself raw to present this style, that’s how it is. My training at CROSSFIT helped me a lot to look this way.  I am gonna talk about my training at Crossfit.  Do you see muscles? of course you see them. They are quiet evident. My experience at Crossfit was amazing. It is a place for Fitness freaks and I feel in love with it. My sqats to weight lifting to lizard lunges. I have done it all. The concept is that they train you for 45 min to exhaust you for next 15 mins. Join them to look fit and full of muscles. It is one kind of experience and I am sure you will love it. I am gonna write a separate blog about my fitness regime and more about CROSSFIT, Deerfield.  I am sure you will love them.


Attire details:Top : Love culture. Denims: Love culture. Shoes: Steve Madden . 

I will be coming up with more costumes and styles and more of fashion styling. Do check me out on my Insta and Facebook wit the same name  (mrssaripalli).


Till then keep it super stylish and follow for more blogs and videos coming up son for beauty and fitness 😉

Neha 🙂

Bohemian Fashion

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    • December 4, 2015 at 1:31 am

      Thanks for liking it doll

    • October 1, 2015 at 8:14 pm

      Here I met another fan of Crossfit. I love crossfit indeed and yes it is addictive too. Thanks for liking my posts babe. Best of luck to you for the future. 🙂 Nice to see you here. Glad to stay connected.


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