With fall coming soon and colors all over I am presenting my new outfit and one of my favorites. The dress is from Banana Republic.


Fall represents colors and happiness at the same time it reminds of that cold and snow which will come after the fall. However, for now I want to concentrate on the fall and enjoy this outfit for this season and for winters as well. This skirt will surely look amazing with pair of boots in the snow. Long pleated skirts are going to be there for the rest of time on the earth. It is so versatile and comfy and I felt wonderful wearing that. It is one of those pieces which makes this fashion statement true “My fashion is my comfort”. This skirt is made for people who love fashion and comfort. Though I never really believed in this statement especially when I wear Stilettoes: P. This dress is so amazing and it made me believe in the above statement finally 🙂








So, about the dress now, it is actually not a single dress but a skirt and a top with same print. I am not a fan of Banana republic due to its over formal clothing and hence never was really interested to enter the store. I am more of street fashion girl. However, this time I drooled over the sale tag of up to 70% and I entered the store. You know what they have awesome stuff, I don’t know why I have never noticed or might be when I went for the first time the stuff wasn’t this great. It’s just the matter of time. I regret not going there in the past.  Being in that crop top and that skirt, I felt like a princess. My confidence increased and I was able to pull this dress off.







I paired my new pair of Inc. pumps with this dress to add more color to the dress. The print itself is so pretty that I couldn’t stop myself picking it up from the shopping rack even after seeing the price tag. Thankfully the sale saved my pocket.  Coming back to my shoes, the shoes are from the Macy’s store and best part about them are they fit me perfectly. I faced hard times finding perfect size for my feet. These pumps are of sunlight orange color for which I have always wished. The tie-up style added the grace. The texture and print of these pumps are like python skin.







Coming up to my make up, I wore Maybelline mousse and Oriflamme blush.  It is the safest bet for my face and this has come up from my experience. I am in love with Maybelline.  I wore Maybelline liner in the waterline and brown brush liner on the eyelid. Liper is Orange color from Colorbar.




I hope you like this look and would love to hear more on this. How do you like me as a Fall freak and my new pair of pumps? I decided to go further with my own domain name hoping you liked that too. Any feedback on my new website “www.mrssaripalli.com” would be appreciated.



Outfit Detail: Dress: Banana Republic; Pumps: Inc.; Watch: Michael Kors; Liper: Colorbar; Liner: Maybelline

I owe you many more blogs like this till then keep it uber cool stylish!


Fall Freak

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