Fashion is one interesting word and my World with what I’m attached to, by Dil & Dimaag (read Mind & Soul). My life revolves around Fashion. This blog is devoted to all those wannabe Fashionista ’s & dowdies out there who are passionate about Fashion (they think) but clueless about it. I wanted to write for soooo long (understand the intensity by the word ‘soooo’) however I couldn’t, because of my wedding & life post that. Another reason to wait to write a blog is that I thought my husband can jot down my thoughts but everyone knows “A Man is the laziest creature on this earth and so is he (Mr. Husband). Now, I took the initiative of writing and he became the editor…finally.
Oops I think this husband and marriage thing is dragging me away from the blog. Let me get back to it. The word “Fashion” itself is so stylish that I hate when people do injustice to it. To know how, read this…. Imagine what’s with those girls who want to prove their love for fashion in the corporate world on Fridays’ by wearing sport shoes with jeans and Kurtis. TGIF is written for people to relax but not to take stress after seeing those ladies (J). What about those who still wear bell bottoms and mention that they are Palazzo Pants? I mean people can surely differentiate between the so called “Bell bottoms” and “Palazzo Pants”. I am glad they don’t attach bells to the bottoms (laugh). Those who wear big buckles on their belts, are they aspiring to be a Cowboy and planning to get a big hat and hunter?  Also, I never forget those who accommodate these buckles in their evening dress somewhere & somehow. May be on the shoulder or at slight right side of their waist. They think it looks stylish…I mean really ladies? it doesn’t until unless the dress and you are really classy. What’s up with their love for those shaggy shrugs? Are they wearing it for style or to cover up their flabs Or what about those who pair the printed scarf with a printed shirt.  Or a girl wearing gym t-shirt with jeans and ladies sandals underneath.  Lol, I so pity them.
This is not to make them feel offended but to let them know to look around & learn. Fashion is not at all expensive nor is it some rocket science. The fact of not having a great fashion sense is acceptable but it is important to differentiate among good, the bad & the UGLY.
Boys, stop laughing because you are no way better. What do you want to show with that creased shirt & those unpolished pair of shoes? Is it some kinda messy look which you think will make you look supercool? Just blaming less time in the morning for not ironing your clothes is not going to help. Please take out some time off from stalking FB profiles, uploading photos on Instagram or browsing sports channels OR “surfing adult websites”. And what is with that flower print orange tie with red or green shirt? Do you want to represent the flag of some country?  Does it feel that you can combine anything & still look wisey?  This kind of fashion can look good only on a ramp where models express a designer’s emotion but not in a job interview.  And what’s those sports shoes with trousers..hahahaha(this thought give me giggles). I saw men wearing sport shoes with trouser in offices. Indian men must be on the top list for messing up the fashion, I am sure: P . I want to know the secret of choosing the ugliest T-shirt from the market with a stereotype quote on it (via agra= viagra) & flaunting it off on the streets of Janpath with super wet straight hair pointing towards the sky. What’s with that super tight t shirt with the xx inches chest (sigh). It’s a no no for boys with a belly or no belly. Don’t resemble an expecting woman.  Furthermore, Comfort is good but going out in dingy pajamas is not at all happening. It is not an out of bed look instead people may give you out penny thinking you are poor and didn’t take shower from so long.
Suggested idea is to wear simple clothes if you don’t have much clue about fashion. Please stop comparing yourself to Arjun Rampal or John Abraham.  Wear only those clothes which suit you. Every person has a unique personality. I hope this will make you feel a little intelligent about fashion. Till then, I owe to continue writing such blogs. Keep it stylish pals, please!!
RIP Fashion

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