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You guys must be wondering what LBD means, but just after a second I am sure you can relate it to this term, Little Black Dress. This term is extensively used in Fashion world. I have decided to write on this topic because this is very popular and highly powerful.

LBD is a must in any girls’ wardrobe. This is one kind of a dress which suits every girl in this world. I myself have couple of them. This blog is gonna be about two looks of LBD from my wardrobe.

Look 1: Date nights, one of those beautiful things happen to anyone when you are grown up or still growing up. There is no age for it though. I love date nights and that is quite evident from my previous blogs. This LBD which actually is a Romper is a purchase from Agaci (www.agacistore.comstore. This romper is the best as a dress. The dress came with this inbuilt golden belt which makes it look elegant. What I loved about this dress is the full length puffy sleeves. These sleeves are different and look wonderful for any evening or night out. I wore it for the New Year’s Eve and it looked fabulous. I have added the picture from that evening as well.

With this dress I added my very pretty square shaped golden earnings. These earring matched with the golden belt in the dress. I added my knuckle rings to add that grace and awesomeness to this dress. Brownie points to them 🙂 I loved this addition to my jewels bandwagon.
I appreciate detailing and hence the belt, rings, earring were added to this dress. How do you like the look? Yay or Nay?
The next gorgeous thing I added to this dress is my Shoes. These black wedges are high, comfortable and stylish. I never got a chance to feature them in my blogs but happy to have them here now. My most comfortable shoes. My fist ever shoes I got when I moved to Chicago. I love them to the core. Aren’t they pretty?
  A picture from the New Year’s evening with my Man <3
Look 2: Who says you cannot carry a LBD during the day. I have heard this from many that a LBD is meant for night though it is not the case. I decided to wear it during a nice sunny day. Chicago is one of those places where people enjoy summers over winters. People feel to wear from anything to nothing during the summers thinking of its gonna lasts just for 4 months in a year. So, why not a little black dress. Here is the look I carried for a day out.
This LBD is from JC Penny and is my one of those first favorite dresses which I got after moving here. I still remember it wearing in Atlantic City for the first time. I loved it then and now.
This dress has black net on the upper part and cotton layers at the bottom. I paired it up my pink pumps, and these adorable and sexy blue sunnies. The golden rose shaped band looks very pretty and certainly complimented the attire. Isnt it?
I am in love with these pumps. Much love to them indeed. The best part about a LBD is that you don’t need to worry about accessorizing. The dress itself does wonders.
This picture is my favorite from the recent shoot because of my beast and the new number plate we have it on.
This is first part of LBD. I will be coming with other two looks of LBD in Part 2. These two looks are classy and chic. I hope you like the looks and are ready to put your LBDs on. Please share your views and pictures in this blog’s comment section. I owe you many more blogs like these. Till that time please keep it super stylish 🙂
नेहा 🙂
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