Accessorizing is the key, I am sure everyone out there would agree to it. A simple dress which is accessorized properly would look better than wearing just a dress. This blog is dedicated to accessories. However, this doesn’t mean one has to put every accessory which is their in the closet.  To get the perfect look of a dress one has to accessorize it nicely and not just over or under do it.
I have two looks here to show you. Tell me how they are. 
This time you have to bear with me because I couldn’t grab models on time: P:P. 
As already told you in my previous blog, skirts are versatile and goes with any shape and size. I discovered this mid length skirt is also one of those styles which looked pleasant on me, at least I thought so.. lol :P. I felt happy when I wore it to a party last weekend.  It was a pure Desi event but I was adamant to wear this skirt. To maintain that Desi look, I accessorized it with bohemian silver necklace and carried a beautiful traditional multicolored satchel.
Bohemian Necklace:; Satchel: Local buy from chandni chowk; top: forever21; skirt: Express; shoes: Zara; hair: by me. 
Special Credits : Meghna, Ashwini, Baby and Mr Husband 

Seeing the same attire would be boring but seeing it on a different person may interest you. It gives the dress a completely different look. The dress becomes new again. Indeed, it looked much better on my friend in the last blog. She carried it with total perfection and hence looked way cuter than me. I tried hard to be like her and harder to at least look tolerable.

I got this this silver bohemian necklace from an online shopping website. I was fortunate to get it here in (Chicago), Thanks to China. They supply everything you can think of  🙂 It is conventional and cheap.

This beautiful satchel is a local buy but still gleam like a fancy one. Isn’t? On my visit to India I found this with legacy coins which attracted me. It is exemplary and of course will look adorable with any traditional dress too. I bought it from the famous moonlit square (Chandni Chowk), India.  


Leopard print is evergreen and experimenting with it is fun. Be it with blue, sea green or beige, it looks sexy and bold. I combined it with a gray denim shirt. Denim in any form is trendy and comfortable and  that is what we want, Aren’t we? Pairing it this way gave the attire a very comfy and spunky look. I carried a red tote just to add that charm needed for that a bright sunny weekend. You see, I love summers the same way I love winters. 🙂

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Cant remember , Belly: Target, Watch: Tommy, Bag: From India, Necklace: Street shop in SN, India, Aviators: Rayban of-course 😛 
My love for summer has already started and so this dress and look for you. Wearing that green statement necklace fulfilled the purpose of the denim shirt and enhanced the look of the attire. This piece is one of my favorite necklaces and I wear it every time without giving a second thought. I am glad it skillfully mingled in the dress.

A small story about this watch I am wearing. Just before locking the house I remembered I have a red watch that will go with the red tote I was carrying. I looked at my husband who was gazing at me from the side of his eye. I hesitated once but then ran to grab it. My efforts paid off after seeing these pictures. 🙂

And My old golden belly’s played the rest of the role by blended accurately. 
I would suggest not to judge a dress before wearing it. One should know how to carry it, that is the most important and only key. Accessorize it right and you are good to go. Be comfy and feel confident and of course keep it super stylish. I owe you many more blogs, I promise 🙂 
                                                                    नेहा 🙂
All about accessorizing
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